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Midtown Mountain Campground and RV Park

Midtown Mountain Campground and RV Park with Rich and Anna Dozier bringing new life to an old space…

Rich and Anna Dozier are fairly new to our Community but in the few years they have been here, they have made a great big impact on just about everything they have touched. To start this out, I want to share a little of what I know about these two and their little family. Rich and Anna met in College, have been married over 30 years, have 6 kids and are proud grandparents to 7 children with another one on the way. They are from the Austin, Texas area. Rich has a Master’s Degree in Finance and worked as a restaurateur with Taco Bell and Anna spent her earlier years being a beautiful Mother raising their children. When I asked them who made the biggest impact in their lives, their answers came as no surprise to me. Anna said, “Rich because he is my best friend and he gets me out of my comfort zone”. Rich stated, “Anna because she took the role of motherhood as her career and today she helps run the business all like she has always done it. She is just about perfect and she’s pretty too”.

After their youngest child graduated high school, the couple sold everything they owned and took an adult gap year to see if they could find what they would want to be next in their lives. They traveled from South Padre Island through Texas and New Mexico going all of the way to Idaho. They landed in Ruidoso because they were attracted to the vibe of the people and the great outdoors.

Initially, they opened a retail shop geared to hiking named the Happy Hiker and spent as much time as possible hiking all of the trails in our area. Everywhere they hiked they also picked up trash and it didn’t take long for Rodney at Parks and Recreation, business owners in town and the Village officials to begin recognizing them for their spirit of beautification for the Community.

Recently they have made another career hop from the Happy Hiker which they sold, to Midtown Mountain RV Park previously known as The Blue Spruce which possibly dates back to 1945. I, for one, am delighted to see what they are doing with this beautiful piece of Midtown property that needed the love and kindness that they are giving it. Ironically, during their first visit to Ruidoso, 7 years ago that land was for sale and they actually put a bid in on it that was turned down. With the owners being out of state and a series of managers that were not the best care takers, the years had continued to take a toll on the property. So this time the offer they made was significantly less and it still was accepted.

The Blue Spruce property is 1.5 acres and they also purchased some additional surrounding land making the new RV park approximately 2 acres. As avid RVers they are doing some non-traditional things with Midtown Mountain RV Park. They want to attract adventure people and families with kids so they are offering tent sites which will be very cool for folks that want to camp out. We have so many people that will love the idea of being able to camp out and still be walking distance to town and Grindstone Lake. They are encouraging on-line reservations where the guest can pick their site and if they book on-line they will give a 50% discount to them for purchases in the Park’s Gift Shop.

They have on site showers and bath rooms, a laundry room and a Sauna for guests use. They are incorporating art to the Park with pieces from Steven Gutierrez, a New Mexico mural/graffiti artist. The art adds a lot of interest to the energy in the Park. Midtown Mountain RV Park will bring new life to a once run down but beautifully located space in town. The Doziers are absolutely doing their part to make this a better place to live, work and play.